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From terpene profiles, tastes, and growth behaviors, every strain of grass is different. With so many unique and exotic strains to choose from, picking one can be hard. With this in mind, we’re here at Green Nexus to help grass users out there by breaking down the all-important features of each strain.

In this handy guide, we’re discussing everything there is to know about one of the most popular strains out there: Super Lemon Haze. This award-winning strain is infamous for its zesty, lemony flavor and is recognized for its uplifting, energizing effects among users. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Type: Feminized
Photoperiod: Yes
Outdoor Yield (g): 1200 per Plant
Indoor Yield (g): 800 M2
Flowering Time (days): 9 to 10 weeks
Feminized Outdoor Harvest Month: mid-October
Feminized Outdoor Harvest Month Week:
Height Indoor (cm):
Height Outdoor (cm):
Height: Medium-tall plant
Short Photoperiod Plant %: 30
Long Photoperiod Plant %: 70
Short Photoperiod Plant/Long Photoperiod Plant: Long Photoperiod Plant Dominant
Climate: equatorial, tropical, subtropical and temperate

Crossing Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze

Super Lemon Haze is a Long Photoperiod Plant dominant combination between short and long photoperiod plant that crosses the infamous Super Silver Haze with Lemon Skunk. This careful crossbreeding has resulted in an award-winning combination between short and long photoperiod plant which has won three consecutive Grass Cups in 1997, 1998, and 1999. It then won first place in the High Times Grass Cup in 2008 and 2009. Today, it is one of the most popular grass strains, particularly on the West Coast of the US and in British Columbia.

Growing the Super Lemon Haze Strain

Super Lemon Haze (sometimes known as the SLH strain) often features speckled light green and brown flowers which have a thick layer of clear and resinous trichomes. This strain can grow outdoors, with its typical bloom time being around 9 to 10 weeks.

Among growers, it is reported to produce a moderate to high yield, with moderate growing difficulty. This means that Super Lemon Haze perhaps isn’t the best strain to try if this is your first time growing grass seeds.

How Does the Super Lemon Haze Strain Interact with the Endocannabinoid System?

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a network inside your body that plays an important role in regulating various functions. It contains many components such as endocannabinoids, receptors, and enzymes. (Zou et al., 2018). To stimulate these receptors, our bodies produce endocannabinoids, which are similar in structure to those found in the grass plant.

Using grass, such as Super Lemon Haze, can stimulate the ECS and, as a result, have multiple positive effects on the body (Grinspoon, 2018).

Super Lemon Haze and Phytocannabinoids

Phytocannabinoids are found in Grass short photoperiod plant L. and Grass long photoperiod plant L. These compounds within the grass plant are similar in structure to the endocannabinoids produced within the body, and these have an effect on the endocannabinoid system (Swift et al., 2013). 

  • Potency (Tetrahydrocannabinol) binds to endocannabinoid receptors to stimulate responses to endocannabinoids. These responses can include relief from nausea, increased appetite, and improved sleep quality. Potency also triggers the “high” feeling often associated with smoking weed.
  • CBD (Cannabidiol) doesn’t get you high, but it can lengthen the lifespan of endocannabinoids within the body.

What Is the Potency Content of Super Lemon Haze?

According to research, grass strains with a higher CBD level can have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-anxiety effects. Super Lemon Haze has higher levels of Potency than CBD.

Super Lemon Haze offers around 20% Potency and 1% CBD. While its CBD levels are fairly low, users still claim to use this strain to reduce stress levels and treat mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. If you are looking to use grass for medical benefits, such as treating chronic pain, always consult a qualified healthcare professional first.

Terpene Profile of Super Lemon Haze

If you are a lover of citrusy aromas, trying this combination between short and long photoperiod plant strain is a must! Due to Super Lemon Haze’s dense trichomes, it offers a powerful mix of terpenes. We’ve listed some of its primary terpenes below.

  • Limonene: a lemony, citrus scent found in fruit peels and often the dominant terpene in Super Lemon Haze. This terpene triggers serotonin release and can improve mood (Eddin et al., 2021).
  • Beta-Caryophyllene: a terpene also found in black pepper, which demonstrates anti-inflammatory qualities and contributes to a spicy flavor (Russo et al., 2011).
  • Myrcene: a pleasant-smelling monoterpene known for its analgesic, sedative, antidiabetic, antioxidant, and antibacterial qualities (Surendren et al., 2021).
  • Humulene: a terpene with anti-inflammatory properties (Rogerio et al., 2009).

Super Lemon Haze is a Long Photoperiod Plant dominant combination between short and long photoperiod plant. It offers around 80% Long Photoperiod Plant and 20% Short Photoperiod Plant, and it is reported to produce the typical ‘head high’ amongst users—this is typical of a Long Photoperiod Plant dominant strain.

What Does Super Lemon Haze Taste Like?

The iconic Super Lemon Haze is immediately recognizable due to its incense-like, spicy smell. It offers notes of sugary citrus, alongside the striking lemon aroma. If you are a fan of extremely sweet, candy-like flavors, your tastebuds will love it.

Effects of the Super Lemon Haze Strain

It is reported amongst users that Super Lemon Haze can have mood-elevating properties, suggesting this strain may help with mood disorders such as depression or anxiety.

We have gathered reviews from users to create a list of reported effects of this strain:

  • Long, uplifting high
  • Reduced levels of fatigue
  • Helps deal with appetite loss
  • Helps deal with minor pains
  • Can regulate mood disorders

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