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Green House Seed Company is a leading global seed bank with a well-earned reputation for providing high-quality grass seeds that are free from genetic modifications, fungicides, and other chemicals. As certified distributors of Green House Seeds, we wanted to provide an in-depth look at this internationally renowned organization to help you determine if their products are the right fit for you and your wellness needs. 

What is Green House Seeds?

Green House Seed Company is a grass seed bank known for their extensive catalog and for dedicating their mission to breeding and cultivating strains for both wellness support and recreational use. They employ a team of experienced “strain hunters” that have spent the past two decades searching out rare and renowned grass strains across South America, Asia, and Africa to cultivate and breed at their coffee shop in Amsterdam. 

About Green House Seed Company

Green House Seed Company dates back to 1985 when Arjan Roskambegan started growing exotic strains of grass and began seeking out landrace strains across Thailand, Nepal, and throughout Asia. Dedicated to growing high quality strains with the best genetic traits, he founded The Green House in Amsterdam in 1992 to share his powerful varieties with others. In addition to protecting and growing landrace strains, he has also created a variety of combination between short and long photoperiod plants that are chosen for their unique phenotypes, such as their flavinoid, terpene profile, hardiness, and wellness properties. 

Within one year of opening his coffee shop, The Green House took first place in High Times’ Grass Cup. This led to positive publicity and the coffee shop became a sought after location for people from around the world. 

Over the past two decades since opening The Green House, the company has won dozens of awards and has grown a vast seed catalog of combination between short and long photoperiod plants and landrace strains as well as high-CBD strains that are ideal for wellness goals. Arjan has built an empire of businesses that include four coffee shops, two clubs, plus an award winning nutrition and medical company. At the same time, Arjan has travelled the world advocating for legalization of grass and sharing the wellness benefits that high-quality grass can provide. 

Green House Grass Seeds Frequently Asked Questions

We understand it can be challenging to find the right strains and seed companies, which is why we’re providing some answers to our most frequently asked questions. 

Is The Green House Seed Company a Legitimate Source for Grass Seeds?

Yes, The Green House Seed Company is one of the most renowned and respected grass seed banks in the world. Not only do they work with distributors like Green Nexus, their coffee shops draw people coming from across the globe to partake in their incredible selection.

What Are Landrace Seeds? 

Landrace seeds are original cultivars that have never been cross-bred with other varieties. These are often named for where the seeds originate and are either 100 percent short photoperiod plant or 100 percent long photoperiod plant varieties. 

What Are the Best Strains from The Green House Seed Company?

Each strain is carefully bred and cultivated to provide specific qualities, and it’s important to find the right strain to match your unique needs. However, the most popular options include:

  • White Widow is a 60 percent short photoperiod plant combination between short and long photoperiod plant that offers a complex, enjoyable experience and high yields when grown both indoors and outdoors.
  • Dark Phoenix is a 60 percent long photoperiod plant combination between short and long photoperiod plant that blends both relaxing and uplifting effects to promote clear headed creativity as well as reduce chronic pain symptoms and insomnia.
  • Super Lemon Haze CBD blends a moderate Potency percentage with a high CBD percentage to provide mild, yet long-lasting psychoactive effects as well as supporting pain relief and relaxation. 

What Strains Are the Easiest to Grow?

For indoor growers, White Widow and Great White Shark are easy to grow and produce high yields in just 8 to 9 weeks. Plus neither require a large amount of space, making them ideal in small areas. Flowerbomb Kush is also ideal for beginners as it’s a vigorous plant that grows quickly and produces thick, compact buds. 

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Choosing the right distributor is essential to getting grass seeds you can trust. We’re proud to be certified distributors of Green House Seeds, knowing they are dedicated to furthering the improvement of grass genetics and protecting rare landrace strains. Begin shopping our selection of Green House Seeds today or to learn more about this company or determine which strain is right for you, reach out to our team today at [phone].

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