About Green Nexus LLC

A Message from Green Nexus C.E.O Barbara D. Smith R.N M.A B.S

In 2018, I founded Green Nexus to provide all Americans access to
Cannabis L. Sativa cultivars. I believe we are all entitled to the benefits of
a premium plant-based alternative therapy in addition to western medical
treatments and practices.

I am a retired registered nurse who has taught in the NYU Graduate School of Education
and worked on both a state and local level in PA, NY and MD. I have been
a practitioner, trainer and executive level administrator in public health for
decades years.Several high honors and awards testify to my expertise in the public health arena.

This varied background has enabled me to observe the need for an appropriately
balanced cannabinoid and terpene profile only found in premium cultivars.
Premium cultivars support our endocannabinoid system’s ability to relieve everyday stresses and more long term ailments.

As the first minority woman owner and distributor of premium European
cultivars to the U.S home cultivation market, I wish to share my passion
for alternative plant-based medicine as a therapy for Americans who struggle
with physical, psychological and sociological challenges. GreenNexus.us is the domain to accomplish this goal.

Green Nexus Mission: The education of our community members on the relationship between the cannabinoid & terpene profiles of products offered by Green Nexus and the beneficial effects on the human endocannabinoid system.

Green Nexus Ethos: Transparency, Consistency & Reliability

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